“It’s such a pleasure to use Webtown Drycleaners. Their service is prompt, on-schedule and very dependable. It’s also extremely convenient. The outside locker/cabinet allow pick-up and delivery whether we are home or away. I’ll never have to take my clothes to the cleaners again!”
- Sally S.


"Webtown Drycleaners has been a wonderful innovation. The same great cleaning service with the convenience of home pick-up & delivery at no extra charge. Who says things do not get better!!!"
- Tom M.


"I have been a Webtown Drycleaners customer for over a year. I find their service to be reliable, efficient, and convenient. I would highly recommend."
- Deborah B.


"Dear Sir! I am pleased with the Webtown Drycleaners's service. It saves time and is dependable. I would have no hesitation recommending service! People involved are nice and courteous!"
- Sigrun C.


"I would absolutely recommend your service to anyone! You all have been just fantastic, and we thank you kindly! If you leave a few brochures, I will share them with my friends and neighbors."
- Linn W.

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Drop your unneeded clothings, we will dry clean them for free and then donate them to charities serving those in need. Clothing accepted during September and October.