Route Pickup & Delivery Service

Route service is promise between customer and service provider. The Webtown Drycleaners driver will visit customer's home or office upon schedule whether there is an order or not. No more waiting in long line or time consuming Internet surf to receive service.

Service Area

Webtown Drycleaners currently offer Palo Alto, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, and Mountain View in Bay Area for free route pickup & delivery service. We'll expand our service area soon. See our service area map.

Express Spot (Pre-selected location) & cabinet

When you sign up you have two choices either cabinet or without cabinet. If you choose without cabinet service you must provide us an express spot for your pickup & delivery. With the express spot you don't have to be at home to waiting our driver. Upon your request we provide the cabinet without any charge. Simply put your order in your cabinet, three days later your order will deliver to your cabinet. Our driver will service your express spot or cabinet every route schedule day.

The benefits of our route pickup & delivery service

There is several reason to choose our service.
  • Pickup & delivery is totally free
  • Save your valuable time
  • Extremely easy and convenient

We offer following route schedule

Two times a week schedule
  • Monday & Thursday
  • Tuesday & Friday
  • Wednesday & Saturday
One time a week schedule
  • Monday only
  • Tuesday only
  • Wednesday only
If you choose Monday & Thursday schedule. We'll visit you every Monday and Thursday and check your express spot or cabinet. If there is an order, we will pickup then deliver to you at your next service schedule day.
Our driver will be at your home or office between 12PM and 6PM. Just make sure drop your order before 12PM.

Webtown Drycleaners' service is extremely easy to start.

Step 1. Sign Up

Go to our sign up page and fill your information, preferred schedule and laundry preferences. Our sign up system doesn't ask you a lot of things and will take no more than 3 minutes to complete. We don't even ask your credit card information on the Web.


Step 2. Verify Your Information

One of our representative will call you or email you after you sign up to verify your information. This processing is required for more accurate express spot and your preferences.


Step 3. Start Service

After all the information verified, our driver will visit you and give you two laundry bags. If you select the cabinet program we'll install the cabinet at your schedule day or in advance. You simply put your order in the laundry bag and leave it at the express spot or in the cabinet. We'll deliver all your order at next schedule.


Step 4. Pricing & Billing

Our pricing is depends on selected dry cleaners on your area. We don't charge no more than they charge you. Our billing system is similar to the credit card billing system. You don't have to pay us each time. We'll bill you every month with return envelope. You just need to pay us once a month.

For Free Pickup & Delivery!

Signing Up is as EASY as our service. Now sign up for home pickup and delivery! It’s absolutely free!


"I have been a Webtown Drycleaners customer for over a year. I find their service to be reliable, efficient, and convenient. I would highly recommend."
- Deborah B.


Drop your unneeded clothings, we will dry clean them for free and then donate them to charities serving those in need. Clothing accepted during September and October.