Dry Cleaning

Webtown Drycleaners invested more than $140,000 to purchase a pair of more environment-friendly state-of-the-art dry cleaning machines from Germany. These machines provide better service for the customer and a cleaner environment for our city.


We, Webtown Drycleaners, have a special laundry department for all your laundry needs. We process Business Shirts, Comforters, Sheets, Pillows, Table Cloths, Napkins, Towells, Body linnen, Linens, and more...


We take great care of all of your household items like Comforters, Down Comforters, Duvet Covers, Bedspreads, Quilts, Blankets, Sheets, Pillows, Carpets / Rugs, Drapes, Curtains, Sofa Covers, and more...

Leather and Suede Cleaning

Leather and Suede require a high level of expertise in order to keep them clean and preserve them in good condition. Webtown Drycleaners havs a specialized and trained staff to recognize what type of cleaning methode is best for your garments. Let us take care of your leather so you can enjoy wearing them.


We offers a complete on premises alteration and repair service, ranging from minor repairs to detailed changes. Hems, Zippers, Shirts Collars & Cuffs, Invisible Mend, Pocket Repairs, and much more...

Wedding Gown Preservation

Webtown Drycleaners takes care in preserving your wedding gown. Each gown is individually cleaned on a gentle cycle in our state of the art dry cleaning machine. All stains are hand treated with the utmost care.

Once your wedding gown is cleaned and steamed to perfection, you may choose to have it is placed in an acid free wedding box. The bodice of the wedding gown is stuffed with a cardboard bodice to allow the wedding gown to maintain its shape. The sleeves are stuffed with acid free paper to keep your gown preserved for years to come.

Formal Wear

We know exactly how to handle these beautiful, fragile garments

Wash and Fold Service

For all your dirty laundry, we'll wash it, fold it, and package it up for you. All clothes are separated into white and colored loads and washed separately from everyone else's. We operate brand new, high efficiency machines and our expert attendants ensure that your clothes come back neatly folded, nice and clean and smelling fresh.

Free Home Pickup and Deliver Service

Route service is promise between customer and service provider. The Webtown Drycleaners driver will visit customer's home or office upon schedule whether there is an order or not. No more waiting in long line or time consuming Internet surf to receive service.

For Free Pickup & Delivery!

Signing Up is as EASY as our service. Now sign up for home pickup and delivery! It’s absolutely free!


"I have been a Webtown Drycleaners customer for over a year. I find their service to be reliable, efficient, and convenient. I would highly recommend."
- Deborah B.


Drop your unneeded clothings, we will dry clean them for free and then donate them to charities serving those in need. Clothing accepted during September and October.