With our unique cabinet and express spot system customer doesn't have to stay at home to receive our service.

Express Spot

With an Express Spot you don't have to be at home to receive our service. Simply drop your order at Express spot and our driver will serve the location. Also we'll deliver your order to your Express spot. The Express spot should be safe from raining.


Cabinet is an essential part of the Webtown Express' service. Cabinet is available upon your request. We're not going to charge for the installation of cabinet. It's totally free and your order will pickup & deliver into the cabinet. The cabinet has locking system with the key.

Cabinet specification
  • Color: Beige
  • Height: 60 inch
  • Depth: 18 inch
  • Width: 18 inch


We provide two laundry bags when service started. Simply put your clothes in the one of bags and drop at your Express spot or in the cabinet. Use one bag at a time is a better idea because we pickup & deliver your order at the same time. You may put dry cleaning and laundry order in the same bag. However, if you have special request please leave a memo inside the bag. If you need more than two bags, we sell the bag each of $5.00.

For Free Pickup & Delivery!

Signing Up is as EASY as our service. Now sign up for home pickup and delivery! It’s absolutely free!


"I have been a Webtown Drycleaners customer for over a year. I find their service to be reliable, efficient, and convenient. I would highly recommend."
- Deborah B.


Drop your unneeded clothings, we will dry clean them for free and then donate them to charities serving those in need. Clothing accepted during September and October.